Barbara Broido
(Formerly Barbara Sullivan, Barbara Spear-Scully, and née Barbara Spear)

Artist, Chef and Antique Dealer

25 Presidents Place
Clams’ End
Kingston, NY  12401-6307
(845) 383-1211


 U.S. Citizen, born September 7, 1948, Flushing, NY

    B.A. in Fine Arts, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, 1970.
    B.A. in Psychology, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, 1970.
    NY State Regents’ Diploma, H.S. of Art and Design, NYC, NY, 1966.


2003 - Present:  Co-Owner of Clams' End Collectibles

My husband and I now run a small, full-time business from our home.  We buy antiques and collectibles at local auction houses and sell them on eBay (seller-ID xenobia777).

2002 - 2003:  Personal Chef

    My husband and I worked as personal chefs for local families as well as doing private catering and providing Vegan desserts for a local restaurant.

2002 - 2003:   Unity Charter School, Morristown, NJ

Head chef at this wonderful, innovative school, serving homemade vegetarian- and Vegan meals to students, teachers and staff.

1975 - Present:   Barbara Broido Designs (Barbara Sullivan Designs, Spear-Scully Porcelain)

Self-employed, creating hand-made porcelain pieces for wholesale and retail sale, including small, humorous animals, tableaux, grotesques, etc.

1993:   Cast Art Industries, Inc., Corona, CA (freelance)

Designed “Wild Life” line, a series of animals similar to my hand-made porcelains, modified to permit casting.

1976:   Coty, Inc., NYC, NY (freelance)

Designed porcelain candle holders which were produced for two years.

1971 - 1982:   Henson Associates, NYC, NY (freelance)

Assorted freelance work for Jim Henson, including preliminary art for Muppets at Lincoln Center, which Henson used to obtain financing, Muppet finger puppet designs (Prototype for Miss Piggy finger puppet), hand-made porcelains of Muppet characters for Henson to give as gifts, etc.  Muppets resulting from my original designs include Gonzo the Great, The Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (Muppets band including, Animal, Dr. Teeth, Janice, Floyd, Zoot), Thog and many others.

1971 - 1973:   Mildred Thor, NYC, NY (freelance)

Assisted Ms. Thor for three seasons, creating Christmas windows for Macy’s and other department stores.

1966:   Terrytoons, New Rochelle, NY

While in High School, I received the Terrytoon Award and, upon graduation, went to work for Terrytoons under Ralph Bakshi in animation training.

1965:   Pelican Films, NYC, NY

While still in High School, I worked under Jay Ward as a trainee inbetweener, working on the Super Chicken project.

1975 — 1976:   Downtown Potters’ Hall, NYC, NY

Member artisan.

1976 — 1979:   Artworkspace, NYC, NY

Member artisan.

1970 — 1972:   United States Department of Agriculture, NYC, NY

Administrative Assistant.

1972 — 1978:     United States Small Business Administration, NYC, NY

Administrative Assistant.

1965 — Present:     Miscellaneous

Freelance work for Al Paul Lefton advertising agency, 1971.  Cartoons published in assorted trade journals (1975 to 1998).  Painted large portrait in oils of Dr. Robert Hamilton hanging in Temple University Medical School (ca. 1972).  One woman all penguin porcelain show at Ashokan Artisans, Winchell’s Corner, Shokan, NY.  Created figure of violin player, currently in the private collection of Itzhak Perlman.  Created figure of the late actor, and hotelier Peg Leg Bates, currently in the collection of his daughter.  Created porcelain dragon, currently in the collection of Joan Mondale.  Created porcelain elephant, currently in the collection of Buddy Hackett.  Created porcelain animal, currently in the collection of the estate of the late Shel Silverstein.  Commissioned to paint assorted portraits, 1965 to 2000.  Coat of Arms calligraphy, Summer of 1971.  Sculpture exhibited at America House, NYC, NY, 1970 through 1973.